Dr Elliot Duff

CSIRO's initiatives

Dr Elliot Duff

CSIRO's initiatives in manufacturing

Dr Elliot Duff explains CSIRO's latest initiatives in developing tools for manufacturers.

Reaching through the Looking Glass

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Craig James

Guardian Technologies

Guardian Technologies increase the productivity of Australian industries


iManufacturing has evolved to integrate communication technology into the manufacturing process for supply chain efficiency and new business opportunities

Dr Elliot Duff

What is the I3 Hub initiative?

Griffith Uni - Daniel James

Daniel James from Griffith University - putting sensors on everything that moves. Daniel speaks about engineering science and its value to the sports industry.

Lab 22: adding a new dimension to 3D printing

Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs manufactured by Anatomics

How 3D printing saved a man's leg

Titanium additive manufacturing layer by layer

Cron Job Starts